It’s really as bad as you’ve heard. From the very first screen you are alerted to its crappiness. The text itself is circa Mortal Kombat – giant and pixellated. It looks so dated. It really feels like a modern Sega CD – it hardly even looks 3D. I barely got through the first level. I bought it for $5 – shipped from the UK for the amazing price of $2.49 – gotta love Amazon. I figured there must be at least SOME saving grace, story, anything. From what i saw the story tries really hard to be in depth (remember, first 5 minutes) at the very least it had a lot of details.

I honestly didn’t read / listen to it all, I skipped. The voice acting is awful as well. did something stupid in the next area and died pretty quickly. I’ll dive back in at some point, take some screenshots.

Graphics: 2.5 / 5 (at least it hits 1920 x 1080… hardly, not even any AA but I’ll try global / application level settings
Sound: 2 / 5 (includes voice acting!)
Gameplay: 2.5 / 5 accuracy wasn’t that bad once you can zoom in, dual pistols is cool, but not practical
Physics: 1 / 5
Story: ? / 5

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