I added a few new games to the library, thanks to some steam sales + lack of impulse control.
I missed out on my cart full of songs for Rocksmith – 40% off is the cheapest they ever go and they were on sale this weekend. Just as well as I don’t have the $20 I would have spent on them.

However with money being no object in virtual land here are the new additions:

– RedOut: holy mackerel this first load is killing me! It’s a 7g install so I can’t imagine why it’s taking this long! There was a firewall exemtion waiting for me when I alt+tabbed but that’s it that I can see… Still loading. Long enough for new to get bored, pull out the phone and update this post. I installed it to the mechanical drive because I didn’t think it would make a difference being so small!

– Little Nightmares: This was one I wanted for a while because it fit my style and looked totally different. I haven’t played it yet.

– Binary Domain: Courtesy of Humble Bundle. I haven’t played it yet.

– A Hat in Time: A super cute platformer. I probably paid too much but it gives a very Mario Odyssey feel on PC. I like it so far but it’s challenging.

– OlliOlli2: Another of the Humble Bundle batch, maybe it’s a fingerboard simulator? I haven’t played it yet.

– Crazy Taxi: The primary reason I gave Humble Bundle $1 – I loved it for Dreamcast and definitely didn’t remember how repetitive it was. I thought there was more of a campaign mode and not just “see how long you can do it for without running out of time” or “see how many points you can rack up in X minutes”.

– Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2: I had gotten this from GreenManGaming giant AAA charity pack a while back but the code didn’t work, they finally provided me the replacement and added it. I haven’t played it yet.

– The Flame in the Flood: I heard really good things about it from a guy at work. I think I might enjoy it? I haven’t played it yet.

– Super Cloudbuilt: pretty sure I got this from the GMG bundle. It’s parkour craziness and not sure how I’m going to feel about it. I got frustrated at Mirror’s Edge Catalyst after picking it up about a month ago and playing it for about 2 hours constantly dying once I finally confirmed what I was supposed to do. In a game where you are supposed to primarily avoid combat I ended up having to combat waves of opponents from Ksec and it was far too frustrating.

I’ve been trying to play PubG, Fortnite, trying to keep my youngster hat on and it’s tough. I would much rather play Battlefield which has a bit more substance to it. I’m not a great online player. I haven’t been since the days of mouse and unreal tournament 2k and even then I wasn’t that great. The best part of Battlefield is that I don’t HAVE to be good at shooting to do well, I definitely still enjoy myself and when I do well with shooting people I just do better!

So those are just some of the recent ones. I’ve got some VR ones too but they’re just not playable in the office, there’s not enough room and the computer downstairs is lacking in the video card department. I need another video card for the one up here to really work well and when I do that I can put one downstairs but I would really need to buy two to future-proof this one, sell one, and put the other in the machine downstairs and that is WAY too much of an investment than I should be making on superfluous stuff when I need to be whittling down my debt. The games will wait, I already have a pile a km deep.

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