I b fallen in Super Cloudbuilt.  It makes me anxious and it’s overstimulating on top of being cell-shaded which I have disliked since the days of JetSetRadio.   This one in particular has a lot of thought put into it and I’m not really giving it the due credit nor time it deserves.  I think some people might really like it.  I think I’m finding a trend of solo games as I explore these new ones.  I picked up my weapon and things started crawling on me so I may need to back of some of the settings a little.

An interesting tidbit regarding graphics… I upgraded the brains of the puter and I’m using the same graphics cards. I really thought it was the bottleneck but appears to be the cards.  One the one hand it’s managed to gain in a few games which were juuuuuust shy of running @ 100fps, and others it has seemingly made no difference in.

Dirt 4 is apparently really hard on the graphics. It BOGS 🙁
Dirt rally worked beautifully and I could even crank up the AA but that was 1080p.  I may have been asking too much of these cards for 3440×1440 / 100 on everything but the new ones just don’t have the specs to back up the purchase price over what I have!  More memory is a big one though at this res… and just peeked at my cards and they’re actually 6g!  ugh, it’s far too much for a new graphics card now, let alone 2.  I have no need for the pixel pushing, that is working fab but it’s the resolutions that are killing me with available video memory!

I also tried The Turing Test and played through Chapter 1. I was super excited for it when it came out, snatched it up on sale a while back and it’s cool and all but I liken it to Portal, and not just because of the cubes… ok, it’s a lot because of the cubes but the energy gun and the zapping and the puzzle aspect… nah, it’s totally portal.

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