Thanks to the holiday sales I’ve got a bunch of new goodies to go over with you.
Stay tuned for a write up on these little diddies, with some gamplay viewable at and

Alien Isolation
GRID Autosport
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
Octodad Dadliest Catch
Ryse Son of Rome
Shadow Of Mordor

There is so much to love about the latest set of games.  The nextgen systems have hit and the high quality textures are flowing.  The graphics are amazing, incredibly detailed.  4K is almost native and you can even use some NVidia magic to render at 2 or 3 times 1080p and scale down to native, effectively doing some really nice smoothing and softening in the process.

These are games that are 20 to 50g each.  I have a maximum of about 7 games on my fastest 240SSD sanctioned for the heavy hitters.  I’m forced to play through at least a couple of them in order to rotate some in. I’ve spent a fair amount playing in the past couple weeks (as my twitch will undoubtedly show).  I have even been giving older games another shot, fighting through places I became stuck at long ago.

The best part of the older games?  Never having to worry about the framerate.  There’s nothing that jerks you out of a video game reality faster than tearing or stuttering.  With the latest NVidia cards they even have adaptive vsync to optimize the vsync for what the monitor can do for the smoothest possible experience.


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