It describes the protagonist, the antagonist, the obstacle and the resolution. Ok – so maybe not the resolution.

I was not a fan of the secular point of view, primarily because I could identify with it. I’m familiar with the perspective. The perspective of someone receiving religious comments, even advice. I felt those words as if they were directly to me. They collided inside my head from both sides with a metallic clang, and then to the floor with another.

Catharsis is thick, and since that’s one of the only English words I remember… it must be it. “A feeling of change – for bad or good” which isn’t true. It’s got to be good. I can’t see experiences waking a person up, only to come to the realization they haven’t done enough wrong.

Just listen...
Just listen…

It was so familiar it hurt. Looking up and realizing the bottle is empty. Trying to set it on a surface without it dropping. Looking for the next bottle, finding the next bottle. Struggling through the time in-between, realizing it’s been so long, then no longer being distracted.

You finally come back to it, a feeling of relief. You no longer have to sit there, with yourself, feeling — you can escape. You can be the person you’re sure you would be if you didn’t have to worry, didn’t have to plan, didn’t have to do it all and do it perfectly.

The whole movie boiled everything down to a single source, a single point of failure. It all starts, perpetuates, and finally ends — with a lie.

Not much of a movie review, I know.
I’m not so sure that’s what I just experienced, though.

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