I don’t know what this guy is thinking:

Crysis 3: The Kotaku Review.

Instead, Crysis 3 is a finely tuned luxury automobile that’s not, as it turns out, all that finely tuned. You sit, revving the engine, hoping that weird sound will go away, but it doesn’t. It gets louder. You lower the driver’s-side window; it gets stuck halfway. You pull down the sun-visor; it comes off in your hand.

Perplexed, you turn the visor over and examine the underside, wondering if it’s supposed to come off. Maybe this is a feature? You look up, pause, sniff. Sniff again to confirm. Yep. Beneath the rich smell of the upholstery is the smell of something else. Something less pleasant.

And you stare at the wheel for a couple of moments, and you make peace with the fact that despite its lustrous exterior, this really just isn’t a nice car after all.

Of course he does also mention he couldn’t turn it up, and maybe that is it. I was so busy just taking in ALL the insane detail I didn’t notice the gameplay mechanics much, oh but there’s the way the guns fire, the bow pulls back, the refinements to changing suit modes… so much is as good as it’s ever been and more.

Video after the jump…

Much of the AI he mentions was via XBOX. I’m not sure they had all that much left over even with the dumbed down graphics on the console. From what I’ve seen so far in just the first few minutes is that they’re quite the sneaky-petes. I’m also following Psycho but I’m not waiting around for him. I can open the doors and don’t even have to stay with him. I can only assume it’s another console specific example. I’m playing through to get into the dome and he’s around, but I’m not chained to him.
As the Muppets say: It’s plot exposition, it has to go somewhere.

Here’s the start, aka Mission 0:

I just barely popped it into 3D for a moment… my jaw dropped further. I first played Crysis 2 in 3D at PAX East with the v1 nVidia 3D Vision glasses. Once v2 came out with the wireless, I hocked one of my 30″ 60hz and purchased my own 120hz 27″ 3D monitor w/ built in 3D (ASUS). I am even more pleased with it with every new title that comes out with full 3D Vision support.

4K or even 2560×1600 120hz would be the only thing I’d ever replace it with now.
I’ll update with some additional video in 3D for you spectravision fans.

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