initial impressions – very smooth animation. More then anything else I was amazed at how fluid the animation is – when he’s climbing, soaring, or fighting with handcuffs on… it’s fabulous to watch.

The graphics are very nice as well, the lighting is a huge improvement, and ambient occlusion is especially apparent with all the dark shadows around. I’m still not 100% sure on the story, there is a lot going on, and it’s all very compartmentalized into a single building for a single purpose, no more so then Asylum was, but it’s more noticeable due to the open nature of the map.

The map can be daunting as well – there’s so much, already I’m on my first checkpoint after two face and I can’t find how I’m supposed to get around the high walls surrounding. It is very nice, though Skyrim pulls…

Another note on the graphics. Granted I’ve got it completely pushed up and FXAA on high. Considering all the textures are up to par, I could probobly drop that down a bit, PhysX too, but it’s nice knowing I can still get at least 30fps @ 2560×1600.

** update 12/19/2011 **
So apparently I’m not the only one – it works in the benchmark and inside but once you get outside it’s awful. I’m having a hard time getting 20fps regularly, even with my 2 x 580 3G cards in SLi. Apparently it is DX11 to blame. I can turn off DX11 and it works perfectly. I was excited that they had released a patch but it doesn’t seem to do much. Then the beta drivers from nvidia updated the PhysX engine, but that again – doesn’t seem to do much for the framerate.

I hadn’t played it much since I got it because of the issues. Went back this weekend, but alas… still meh. I want to play but Skyrim 1.6 is alleviating many of my woes, plus the game is amazing.

More to come…

some video:


Here’s the Nvidia plug on the PhysX:

and EVGA:

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