If you’re a fan of racing games I highly recommend Dirt 3. I had a ton of fun with Dirt 2 – and it gets better (for the most part) with 3.

+ Graphics
+ Level Design
+ Better AI then Dirt 2
+ Better Reward / XP System then Dirt 2
+ Integrated YouTube to upload replays

– The control feels a little looser then Dirt 2
– More arcade feeling IE: If you lose a tire, you should not be able to go another 3 laps and finish 3rd

Overall I’d recommend it, but don’t pay full price. It’s a ton of fun, but $50 still seems steep. It’s currently $27.99 on Amazon from secondary sellers.

Check out some replay footage:

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  1. and since it was provided free with select ATI graphics cards you can also pick up an code to download it with someone who got the video card but wasn’t interested in the game – or just wanted to make $10. Just be wary of assurances that ‘it will work – just not online’.

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