Historical Articles / Posts Restored

The last post made me realize that the old template made all the old posts esentially unreadable. You couldn’t scroll down so anything other then the initial screen was only readable via the source of the page. That doesn’t really work for most people. I’ve reposted all 1200+ articles from the old site via blogger import so I’ve now got them all on the new DB. Nothing is tagged, but you can still find them by browsing back through the calendar. I’ll be tagging them with the year at least so the summaries will be browsable via that particular tag.…

Mechanically separated llama

Mechanically separated llama Jay said an it didn’t exist on the internet… now it does: You can now tell your friends “well just search for mechanically separated llama (two Ls one M) and you’ll find it” feel free to join the obscure search phrase bandwagon, lets see how many mechanically separated llama’s we can get!

Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Poop

Here’s an oldie:Jeff Goldblum is Watching You Poop. I was sad becausejeffgoldblumiswatchingyoupoop.comhas shut down, or stopped paying their bill, or soemthing. I figured I could at least restore it via it’s own subdirectory.The page isn’t there yet, but the image is. The idea is to print out as many as you can, bring a roll of masking tape, and put them inside every stall you see. Many people can then feel the pang of self-deficating humor.