Movie Review: Flight

Hubris. It describes the protagonist, the antagonist, the obstacle and the resolution. Ok – so maybe not the resolution. I was not a fan of the secular point of view, primarily because I could identify with it. I’m familiar with the perspective. The perspective of someone receiving religious comments, even advice. I felt those words as if they were directly to me. They collided inside my head from both sides with a metallic clang, and then to the floor with another. Catharsis is thick, and since that’s one of the only English words I remember… it must be it. “A…

Magic Mike

In a crowded theatre, full of crazed women in fact one was actually taking photos on her phone of the screen I saw the second movie of the day, Magic Mike. There was dancing. There was stripping. There was drugs. There was drinking…. Guess what there wasn’t? A plot. I know what you’re thinking, what did I except of a movie about male strippers. Still, I need to believe that someone else was sitting in that cinema was thinking, I paid five dollars for this? If you had included Paul Walker and Keanu Reeves in this film you would have really had the…

Moonrise Kingdom

I went to see a delightful movie this evening called Moonrise Kingdom. This is the type of movie that makes you reminisce about the hardships and wonders of first love and childhood. It had a wonderful cast, including Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and Edward Norton, each quirky and funny, but the true heart of the film lies with the two odd ball kids who you can’t help but open your heart to. Thanks to my G+ friends for the recommendation on this one!!!

Drive Angry

Just saw this for the first time! So good! Ben was not a fan, he told me he thought Hobo With A Shotgun was better. Movie salute of the day: Drive Angry Jonah King: I’ve changed my mind about you, Piper. You are too willful to be taught. I am going to kill you, and then I’m going to defile your corpse. Piper: Between now and then, I’m gonna fuck you up.


Went to see Savages tonight. We were expecting a little more action, but I still really liked it. Of course, Benicio Del Toro was a creeper. Even creepier than usual actually. I would def see it again!


Wish I could say I liked the movie but I was not a fan of Ted. I know I am in the minority here since everyone else seemed to like it. Grumpy, foul mouthed teddy bears are not my thing. Neither are dog murderers (Mark Wahlberg-Fear) or giant eyed Mila Kunis (they just stare into your soul and you can’t look away!). Boo. As the result of a childhood wish, John Bennett’s teddy bear, Ted, came to life and has been by John’s side ever since – a friendship that’s tested when Lori, John’s girlfriend of four years, wants more from…

Independence Day

Movie salute of the day: Independence Day Captain Steven Hiller: THAT’S RIGHT! Thats what you get! Look at you, ship all banged up! WHO’S THE MAN? HUH? WHO’S THE MAN? Wait until I get another plane! I am going to line all your friends RIGHT BESIDE YOU!

Quick Hello

Hello Everyone! My name is Balaiah (Bala) Haste, and I just wanted to post a quick hello to everyone regarding my addition to this site. I will be heading up the movie review department. Serin will still be helping out with the blurays and video selections here and there but hopefully I will have the more recent titles for your review… of my reviews? More like initial impressions and thoughts, but I’ll see how much I decide to elaborate on (no spoilers!) More to come soon, I hope you enjoy!

>nVidia PhysX Performance using Batman Arkham Asylum

>PhysX has been added to the PC version of Batman with the v1.1 update. It does not ship with PhysX settings out of the box. Once installed you are provided several options for PhysX – Off, Normal, or High with various card recommendations. The nVidia drivers allow you to change the PhysX settings – turning optimization on or off as well as the ability to choose which card handles the PhysX acceleration. I had thought offloading PhysX from my 2 x 285GTX2G cards working in SLi to the built-in 980a/780a would make things faster: However, after applying the v1.1 w/…

>Stardust Review

>I saw Stardust yesterday, had to get out of the house for a few hours while there was babyshowering going on for Nicole’s sister’s baby’s stomach birth.So yes – I went by myself, to the movies. It wasn’t anything like I thought it would be from the previews. There was adventure, there was magic, but no where near what they made it out to be. An epic battle between worlds, magic flooshing here and there – no, it was much more realistic, and I think it was better that way. Just outside of England exists a magic world, there is…


>Eddie Izzard is acting… he’s got facial hair, and is dressed like a man.Watch the whole first episode of “The Riches”

Zodiac Movie

Check out the Crime Scenes – Apparently a new movie about a series of murders in 1989. I like the idea of a modern movie taking place in a realistic time period. One that I can actually watch and recognize the time period while getting all nostalgic. I’m posting it because it’s a superbly done flash site, and a good example of what can be done with modern web authoring.