I decided to take Comcast’s new free streaming box for a spin!

I suspect it’s to observe my viewing habits but it cost me $0 at $0 per month to add a new device to my account.

It could also be a big push for “Peacock” NBC’s exclusive streaming service. Already I’ve seen a large banner ad pushing it.

Everyone having their own service seems to be the way they’re going with CBS having it’s own premium service with exclusive content.

Peacock Preview

The remote is nice, has built in voice search; it’s is the same remote you get with their modern cable boxes.

The device itself is slow, even less peppier than my fire 4k. I click and select and it takes it a moment to catch up. Also I thought it would look better since it’s hard wired. It’s pretty low quality looking when browsing but does HD proper when streaming.

As it is I’m on the fence with keeping it. It’s free but I don’t want the liability. Right now it’s the only way to get peacock but Hulu gives me everything NBC for the time being at least. I don’t know if all that’s going to change when they roll out out. It’s certainly not a big enough draw in its current state. It’s probably spying on me but if it gives better picture, selection, or some other features it might be worth it.

I don’t recommend it so far though, mainly due to its slowness. It’s annoying to use aside from the full size (and very easy to set up) universal remote.

*update 9/3/2020* I’ve been using it more lately since it’s easier to catch the free previews like Starz last week. I got to see a few more episodes of American Gods S2. It’s doing almost what the Fire 4K can do minus my Motortrend and Curiosity Stream apps. Tubi works very well and I’m currently watching all the Hunger Games saga.

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