Started resurrection of another network piece this weekend: the tv recorder.

Previously I’ve set up a VM with windows 8.1 Media Center addition. It was the last version of the media center framework which consists of the decoders, network services, player, and program guide.

It starts, and xenserver still works! It’s running on a quad core AMD so allocated an extra core for 3 total for the VM. It’s the only one in the server so I’m not worried about overhead.

I do appear to be having a bandwidth issue from the HD Homerun Prime as I get stutter streaming tv from the fire TV(wifi), but even the living room computer, hard wired to the same gigabit switch struggles! Not sure how else to troubleshoot other than isolating the network.

In trying to simplify I spent $35 for a year of program guide direct from Silicon Dust (HD Homerun) which includes the ability to record to a server, Nas, or local n machine which I set up on the living room machine.

It already started making a ton of recordings but most of the recordings are useless, stuttering, incomplete messes. More investigation to come!

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