I missed my meds last night so I took it this morning after building giant bed assembly for the office. Double decker bed over desk. Many parts, some heavy. The meds make me sleepy which is why I normally take them at night. I missed my psych appt. They charge me money for a bit call no show. I slept right through it.

I woke up, took a bath due to lack of shower curtain. I used my Sears credits for curtain rod that arches outward + a cute curtain. I also assembled much of the house. This may be my way of trying to make it up to myself, to be productive despite missing the appt, the counter-productive.

The living room is comming together, craft desk set up, kitchen a little more, general tidyness. I drank cola though, so between nap and caffeine I’m still awake at 4:30 with “class” at 9:30. Considered not sleeping but that’d be even write in the long run.

Maybe tomorrow I can head to the home store, get she nuts n washers for the kitchen table to attach the legs. Pretty sure I threw out the old hardware not knowing what it was for when packing up the apt.

Pick up server rails for mounting… Old router now in place, wink hub set up… Feels like things are coming together, need to get a better grip on myself, do the needful and not miss appointments.

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