As Walmart creeps ever closer to challenging Netflix’s streaming rule they’ve added free offerings of some older movies with ads. HDX (1080p 5.1) quality… 0 content edits.

They’re no referrals anymore so I won’t bother linking to them here.

Pluto Nash

I had never seen this one before. It was one of those movie covers that just looks pain dumb but was pleasantly surprised. 4 solid-ass stars. Costume design was incredible! They’ve created ‘little America’ on the moon and there’s some gambling hubub. Memorable characters, forgettable tropes.

Death to Smoochy

Also 4 stars, a very different set of starts, however. I had seen this one before but definitely didn’t remember it beyond a fleeting trailer level of detail.

Dark comedy, some top notch Robin Williams, even Ed Norton, Danny Devito… the list goes on. Some unique characters in that one too. It brought up some of the really interesting social commentary of the time re: sexual identity, along with a natzi set-up reaction I wish could garner the same revulsion today as it did back in 99. I could never have imagined a time where the strong moral messages of American History X, Shindlers List, etc… could possibly give way to a modern Charlottesville.

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