I have rented a 2nd floor apartment in a house in a bad neighborhood.

I have been robbed. I took measures which prevented me from being cleaned out the following day until I could move out to a safe location.

I moved into someone’s shared floor house which caused them to be evicted.

I texted a third floor apartment with that same person who moved in with the landlord and left it mostly empty.

I have rented a half house, 3 floor, 5 bedrooms and attempted to manage it.

I moved in with a girlfriend temporarily when that situation turned sour.

I moved in with a girlfriend to a 2nd floor apartment in a nice neighborhood.

I purchased a home with my soon to be wife in the same neighborhood. We raised children. There were difficult times.

I moved into a boutique apartment in the city. I paid too much.

I have purchased a condo. My first, on my own. They’re is some work to be done.

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