I’m always searching for something.

Today that is cheaper rent. I am looking at a lesser building because I need to do something. I’d like another bedroom for the kids. If that can be cheaper, well that’s cool too.

I’m searching romantically. I wouldn’t mind being in an actual relationship. I want a go-to person to hang with. Someone local, someone low drama, preferably attracted to me, and I to them. Maybe I’m to much drama for a relationship, I mostly want a friend. Other needs are here and far between, and I’ve sufficiently got that down.

I’m searching for motivation. I want my drive back. I had a desire to learn, to create, and a purpose.

I’m searching for myself. I can be me privately, even publicly, but never comfortably.

I’m searching for my calm. I am always nervous, worried, and on edge. I’ve been running away for this reason. I need to stop, turn around and face this fear.

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