I am ridding my server of NFS. I had a few hard drives that started out in the desktop that I moved to the server holder… thing. I am not being coy, as it’s no rack, it’s not a shelf, not a table… it’s on a thing, heating my apartment by defeating the draft from my metallic framed windows. Oh the ellipsis ! I trail off in speech, like a punctuation? literally. huh.

Right, geeky stuff. So you’ve got this hard drive which is NFS and you want it to be in EXT4 (right? any reason to use 3? c’mon mon!) so you move the files, do the needful, and… this is actually to help my ridiculous file system OCD. The directories need to line up, the drives should be named the same as the mount points and things are neat and maybe I can do something with dynamic redundancy — use all the space as a big blob – with parity! All the bits, all the bytes, the whole digitaco.

oh! also… my server is back up. That means things like nes libraries.

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