I finished it. I’m a bit delayed, actually quite a bit delayed, but glad I could finish it within a few days.  These cliff hangers would really wear on me.

It almost takes too much license.  There is a quote in an episode later on to Darlene that sums up the feel of the season, nicely:

“you keep pretending you know what you’re doing, like it’s all part of your master plan”

It’s so disjointed at this point, it’s broken off so far from where the character was in S1. It’s his journey, he changes how he sees himself, how he sees reality… but I think they may have lost some people.  I’ve lost my interest in the old characters, many of their idiosyncrasies which seemed so important at the time have dissolved into nothing.  My investment has been realized and replaced with new characters.  I’m interested to a point but I feel let down. S1 finale was so incredible, I was expecting so much, too much, more than it delivered.

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