I spent much of last night attempting to get a 3D video posted.  I’ve been a fan of 3D vision (with the 3D LCD flicker glasses) since I tried the first wireless.version at PAX.  Crisis 2 was being  used to show it off.  It was triple monitor setup and I was hooked.

I got the Asus 120hz monitor with it built in.  I even have a second pair of glasses now in case I want to watch a 3D movie. My plasma TV does 3D as well… Where has it gone?. They have not stopped making games, nor 3 D movies for that matter.  I have used it here and there, mostly for new games.  I had stopped because my cards were reaching what they could push in newer games, and adding on the 3D vision adds a bit of overhead.

I since upgraded. First to one, and then two EVGA 980ti, each with 6G of VRAM.  4K was the primary reason but I hadn’t forgotten about the 3D.  The advantage to having so much video processing ump is there is plenty left over.  Even if you are playing at 1080 you can still tweak the AA to ridiculous levels,  and I adore shadow processing, getting the right shade of a shadow on a corner, even in the background adds to the whole lighting atmosphere.  I also like to stream to twitch, or record snippets.  Check my  YouTube channel, there is shit that goes WAY back, even before Twitch.

The point of all this is of course to justify being very overzealous in my quest for graphics excellence, yet I make no apologies. I like to be able to try it, rather than only wonder what it might be like.  If I can pull one person over to the PC side who is on the fence by showing them what is possible… Well, then I’ve done my part.

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