I had not played Orsinium yet, and given Thieves Guild just came out I figured I’d give it another shot. I have been waiting for this Thieves Guild content since day 0 here on ESO and I finally get to use my designed thief.

I had started getting him ready as a secondary character from the beginning. I’d focused his craft skills and honed his speed and sneakiness. I waited, so he hasn’t done a quest in quite some time, just did some crafts here and there and he’s been stuck at about level 36 for a while.

I got to bring him out today. I even got him brand new bigger bags for all the things he’s going to steal! ESO has reached my personal goal!

That aside, I hadn’t played Orsinium — but my main character is an Orc so I was right at home. I’m playing O on the main character, and TG on my golden boy — not crossing story lines with either of them so far. I’m not a huge fan of the “hey, each character is going to have to do the other two story lines too to get anywhere.”

I’m level v7 and it has scaled up to level 17 — I’m fine with that. I don’t put nearly enough time (or have it) to level him up before I go exploring. This suits my play style very well.

More to come but wanted to write a blurb.
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