With Rise of the Tomb Raider on its way, I thought it might be a good time to take a second look at the one that got it all going again.  I can’t believe it was 2013, seems like a long time ago.  The hair was the big thing, it looked incredible… But yippy couldn’t actually play with it on.  I had 2 780ti cards and it would struggle with the hair. Perhaps the physics dipped the performance, everything r else was ultra but not the hair.

Today it was a single 980ti and even the hair was swaying. With Ultra and FXAA I got no less than 80fps during the benchmark.  Rerunning tests here  and there,getting the numbers for the single card to add to the finished report.  Why this is fun for me…? Who knows but I like numbers, I like games, and game relayed numbers seems natural.

I had pretty much dropped it after finishing the game, as I just did the same with Fallout 4. Collecting the 100% stuff never really interested me, never tried multiplayer.  It’s difficult to maneuver as a shooter, doesn’t lend itself to multi, at least for me.  I did some jumsp

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