I really want to buy these two albums. I want the artists to get one more purchase and show that I enjoy their work. Both of these albums are free to listen to with Amazon Prime. I don’t normally listen to anything not streaming. I listen to the music I own, but usually when purchasing I don’t even open them. I put them on the shelf (or I purchase LP and store it). I am purchasing with gift card credits but still… I can use that $20 for something else. What to do?? How about you buy them!

Echosmith is probably known for “Cool Kids” I despised the song when I first heard it. The rest of the album is really phenomenal though. It’s upbeat pop for the most part, relatively calm, but with some really great female vocals and modern sound.

Source: Echosmith – Google Play

Elle King is a resurgence in rock(blues)! You won’t believe this was just released (oh and she’s also Rob Schneider’s daughter – Tanner Elle Schneider (born July 3, 1989)) Some great music, great lyrics, a bit repetitive in places but an exciting Freshman release.

Source: Elle King – Google Play

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