13 Video Game Franchises That Just Need to Stop.

There is maybe one or two one this list that I agree with. They then filled it in with other games that had consecutive titles. The author has no idea about some of these games and literally just pasted a general description, not actually mentioning why they’re in the list.

COD should be on this list
NFS should be on this list
Assassins Creed should be on this list

The reasons given however, are weak — so weak. I could write an entire article on each of them and where they have faltered. For NFS it went from being physics based and a great arcady simulation to a grab bag of “how many are going to be shit arcade before we get another good one.”

NFS I – groundbreaking, II – more of the same, III added force feedback and some actual differences in handling.

High Stakes – ok, cops

Porsche – really? just for the license, was high stakes tracks and graphics rehashed with Porsches

Most Wanted I — Pinnacle of what open world NFS could be, phenomenal at the time – contained story elements, police chaces, and missions… however, it did have quite the.
From there… it just went down.

Underground – hokey FMV acting and cringeworthy dialog

Carbon – Fast N Furious, all the way baby – it was somewhat open world, much more tuner, younger demographic

ProStreet – I liked the idea, it took less of a “streets” approach than carbon, more sanctioned track day, which didn’t feel like quite enough, the drag racing was fun… once or twice

Undercover – interesting twist, horrible acting again

Shift – I liked this one a lot, finally got some sim back in, better than
Grand Taurismo not as good as Forza

Hot Pursuit – tried hard, nope

Shift 2 – OK, Shift and then a bit more

The Run – very bad, pretended you could actually race against opponents, you would only gain what each stage allowed, you either won the stage, or you didn’t.

Most Wanted (2013?) – FAILED

Rivals – BAD arcade, race friends!!!11!! nope.

I’m not very hopeful for the newest but I always seem to buy them, usually once they’re on very very sale. I am no longer a Day 0 NFS fan but I do seem to have them all.
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How many of you actually agree with this list?

13 Video Game Franchises That Just Need to Stop
There are a lot of video game franchises that keep producing games, even when they are past their prime. They are like an aging sports star, they need to either sit on the bench or outright retire.

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