So far is been a good couple weeks playing RockSmith (RS). I came into it knowing nothing so the pick holding tutorial was right up my alley.  It did not really touch on the fingers though, which is the current challenge.

I expected to go through a tedious process of strumming one string at a time, learning basic cords,  and otherwise simple maneuvers.  I was pleasantly surprised when almost immediately it was encouraging me to try a song.

The first few songs you try only use the E string, then the C string… keeping with the top 5 frets.  Before i knew it i was sliding up and down the frets, using the sustain,  mute, double strums and even the warble note going up or down.

The mini games aim to do small repeatable motions for muscle memory but aren’t the most fun. Inbetween songs you are also prompted to try lessons relevant to the song and depending how you do the next run through will incorporate the techniques you just learned,  cementing it in for the use it or lose it stage.

I have not done it every day but it gets  easier each time,  at least until it starts throwing up the difficulty and then you may find yourself blindly grapsing to get every 5th note… and then it dials the difficulty back down.

My fingers hurt

It’s a lot of fun and I highly recommend it though the Steam to U play setup is far from ideal.

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