On tonight’s agenda was Dirt Rally. I got the email about the early access and had to jump on it. 10% extra off isn’t much but l loved everything they’ve dive since Grid.  It was way underrated but DIRT really brought then front and center.  Showdown was a good effort, it fell short but filed the demo Derby hole in my library for a while.  Wreckfest (by Bugbear) is shaping up to be quite nice.  They’re doing the same result access but they’ve got an entirely different genre of racing.

DIRT Rally really does create the feeling of keeping your cat on the edge, that thin line of as much as you can give it without losing where you’re going to our it.  It controls phenomenally.  They have the physics spot on already but there is this pop thump sound behind me :/ the speakers that was driving me bits. It almost sounded like a backfire but also could have been kids awake upstairs so kept throwing me off until I confirmed it was in fact the game. Anytime I went from acceleration to brake or the weight shifted. I’m sure the sound guy who threw that in is very proud but it’s got to be mixed down.  That is actual feed back I can provide then. And that makes me feel good.  I can help shape a game I gladly support.

That aside I got my shit load of Kombat Koins from Mortal Kombat X, something was down our installation issues… I don’t know I was bossy worth GTA 🙂  In any case unlocked a bunch and played a fraction tower.  I am not sure how I feel about the unlock aspect of the past few games… but it does mean you get good before you being out done of the tally com sruff.  As it was many of my moves were the same over and over.  It’s hard with the stick on the controller but the d pad tears up my thumb.  I do a lot of accidental jumping.  No fatalities yet.  I hep trying the bbbf k and bfbf p combinations. I’m sure I’ll find one accidentally before I memorize any of then but don’t think it will even let me use it until I unlock it from the Krypt.

Dead or Alive is on deck.  My right hand felt swollen and tendons were stuck when I finished MK so it’s limited fighting games for me… 

Update. 6/11.. Played a few games against the wife.  She is a masher but does really well with soul caliber. Once I showed her the blocking and reversals it got a bit more heated. It is great to have DOA  on PC, it looks and plays gorgeous.

Carmageddon crashed, multiple times… So that didn’t happen.  Then, I went to delete local config and settings… accidentally wiped the whole game so it’s re-downloading now.

ESO did not get played tonight… but a lot of it is maintenance right now. I just want to be sure all my characters are house trained and crafting and doing something productive with the time overseen. It takes 30 days to research some traits so unused time is wasted time.  The wife will be using a friends account to play very soon so we’ll be doing some power leveling once she gets established.

Update 6/26

In still trying to become a werewolf with my newest character. I’ve now got her to level 20 and rI eally want to get bit.  I was in the right place the other night but it was a waxing crescent not a full moon. I also found what must be the most expensive item in the game right now… Imperial Motif, and I donated it to the guild.  They need more oomph.

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