I was asked by my friend Dan if I blogged anymore.  I guess the answer is no; not personally. The reason? I’m partially paranoid, covering my tracks,  but I also don’t take the time.  I would use it as my outlet,  but I’m less figuring out life now as trying to practice it,  so there’s not as much to write other than “Yep,  still hard.  Going to keep trying because I can’t give up”

There are plenty of parenting blogs,  mothering blogs, fathering blogs,  single patenting blogs… All so much more interesting than anything I could come up with. All I’d be doing is complaining how I have made everything so difficult for myself.

I game,  I know gaming and I can ramble on about it, what I like, what I don’t. That’s are so many other people doing it but maybe my opinions may differ just enough to speak to someone.

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