Horses and catapults and castles. It’s always been my dream since I was little. I had Legos to build the castles and countless battles on their walls. Entire stories would unfold on that coffee table. It is only now why I realize it couldn’t just stay set up there all the time.

I have enjoyed the knights and castles games of previous yore, experienced the endless grind of WoW and played anything that smelled of questing. Oblivion won me over with it’s expanse, it’s lore. The story is told nowhere else other than though the game, many games, which all fit into the history of this fictional land with the depth that only an interactive medium could provide.

I enjoy the character aspect as well, primarily the development. I create the Armour I want to help me survive the environment and get through quests, learn the right enchantments to keep me alive or concentrate on my best abilities. Your character is so very personal,  your character grows with time, adapts skills based on experience and chooses to turn all their loot to gold or invest in their crafting. There are so many combinations it is not often I see two of the same.

The promise of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) was almost too good to be true, the expansive Tamriel Universe with new content, with other players (adventurers). Not only that but you would have fierce PVP battles between factions in a designated area with keeps, resources, and bonuses to those in control of the areas. The vision was hundreds of characters riding in on horses, and exploding into a giant battle of swords, staffs and as psychedelic display of magic. The actuality does not disappoint.

The greatest feeling is Breaking out the siege equipment to hold back the surge or break the defenses. Pummeling the walls until they give, providing a point of entry. Trying to rush in and take out any remaining on the walls above. All while they’re dropping hot oil, shooting down on you from the walls. It’s exhilarating.

I just finished a major PVP campaign for the second night in a row in ESO. It has to be the most fun I have had in a multiplayer game, I would compare it to the best possible experience in Battlefield where everyone communicated, filled their role, worked as a team.

I can say after the past couple nights that promise of ESO has been realized and it’s so much more. It is true that the real game starts once you reach the end. The bosses are bigger,  enemies faster and trickier in their abilities. You haven’t seen hard until you need a full group of Vets to take down a single beast.












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