So the stick of truth will be out on Tuesday. I’m stupidly excited for it. I have always appreciated South Park, as they are. Potty humor, downright gross humor, it enables them to bring an otherwise unobtainable method down to a very simplistic, but not dissimilar metaphor. As the years have progressed and they’ve gotten better with the digital it’s just been a matter of time that it would translate into a video game. It would have been especially cool if the episode timed for the game’s release actually occurred as intended and the game elaborated on a touched on plot.
I am excited more for the interaction and experience of the town then the game itself, but that should not disappoint either. True Final Fantasy type gameplay that I want to play. The concept is there, basic RPG they say, but it’s so loosely coupled with the actual abilities and story surrounding, it’s going to be a dream come true to wander around South Park.

3/20/2014 So it’s been a couple weeks now and I played it pretty steadily for the first week or so. I haven’t been back to it since, but not because it is bad. I know what to expect and certainly will be back to it, but it is a definite type that I have to be in the mood for.

It did not disappoint from a humor standpoint, I find myself laughing out loud when playing. There are many tie ins cameos and running gags from the show, so where you may enjoy it, you my not get as much of a kick from it if you haven’t seen a lot of South Park. I have probably seen them all, and some of the jokes go WAY back.

The character development is cool, I like how they did it and it is unique from other games. It is not just the equipment and spells as those are quite novel in themselves but it is how they are implemented. The quest, buffs, items, equipment… All of it is unique and awesome. I just wish there was a way to share it better since it is only a single player game and you can make some pretty ha kairos options. I guess I will just have to take more screenshots.

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