So I bought into Goat Simulator in the early days where it only loved in our hearts and minds (and a gameplay video). The Internet demanded it, and it was brought forth, the only bugs fixed were those that made it crash. It was briefly touched, packaged and sent out into the world.

You will love it, and even if you only play it once you could still be spending your $10 on worse things, like a live goat for example.

It is so simple, it’s a world set to go, to explore, as a goat. There are buildings and props, people, cars, things that explode, places you should(n’t) break into… You can do anything and everything, as a goat,

Go rag doll! Lick things and watch your tongue stretch to great lengths as you.pull objects many time your size and weight. There is even a secret surprise or two. Explore and you too may know the comfort and pleasure of a goat.

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