I once had a whole archive of everything I had ever typed to my blog. I lost it in an unfortunate disk accident with my hosting provider. I never did get it back since much of it was never pulled into Blogger’s servers. Once they converted to the new template everything pulled and I was able to import that here, but that still only brought me back to 2008. I had set up Synthetic-X.com in 2001 – October, probably about now. There was a lot going on in my head after 9/11 – but I wanted to wait long enough before starting one as well as not actually mention it in the blog. It seemed tacky then. It wasn’t just the one note, though. It grew to be my solace for thinking, for dealing with situations, and finding some validation from being able to bounce my decisions off the world. I always wanted it to be a time machine, enabling me to look back at my life at a later time, and that time is now.

I’m in the perfect time of my life to reflect. There is still time to change, to find the answer to my own unease. I’m in the midst of collecting my thoughts, feeling old, though still not what I would consider to be adult, looking for an answer. I think it may just be in the pages and pages I was able to rescue thanks to Web.Archive.Org. I really am thankful, much of what I had written was lost as far as I knew. I have now been able to find it, and with some work, convert it to an importable format so I can restore the archives.

I can learn from my own experiences, relive what has been forgotten and perhaps take some solace in the hard decisions and mistakes I made. Maybe some others can learn from these experiences too, and even my own son once he’s old enough. Though we’re talking off to college, old.

The original entries from 2001 to 2008
The web archive code is still in there, maybe it will give them a few more hits until I import it all into the new database.

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