So what is the deal with the network data usage meter on Last month I was trying to get the end of month surge to use up the last of my allowed quota. I hopped on like the 29th and it was already to a new month. I checked my billing date and it was the 28th so it appeared it all got reset. However this month I plan for the billing date which starts on the 29th and today I am still racking up data for October! How can I stay under if it’s not predictable.

So now I’m a good 25g above because I had to download some updated Visual Studio and Win7 ISOs for work and thought for sure I was on next month’s quota now. I guess it goes by the month and not my billing date afterall. They better not call and bitch me out for going over… though last time I hit 299 out of 250 and didn’t get a call… but it was nowhere near the 1200g I did my first month – which certainly warranted a phone call and warning. Apparently two strikes and you’re out – 12 months without cable modem would be a long time, especially without Verizon fiber being available in my area yet.

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