Battlefield 3 – PC Retail DVD Install FAIL
So I am currently copying data.z01 to my temp directory from DVD1 along with from DVD2.Why am I taking such a weird way of installing this game? EA has either broken something, or they’re nuts.

I put in the first disk, it popped up Origin, asked for my code, and proceeded to start the 11G download. Wait… what??? Why did I get the DVDs to save an 11G download when you don’t even install off the disk for a retail copy? I waited for a registration code and two coasters to be delivered?

I am miffed, more then miffed. I could download, sure it will take maybe 20 minutes or less but WHY?!! I am wasting my data quota on a game I have physical media for! I am currently waiting for phone support. I’ve tweeted… I’ll just sit here, huff and puff, and attempt to drop this data into the Origin directory to fool it into thinking it finished the download itself?

Ok – so had I actually checked the network monitor I would have seen that no data was actually coming down. It says 11G. I spoke with support and he didn’t actually know, but he was going to stay on the line with me. I kept him on until about 22%, once I could see it wasn’t downloading and actually streaming it off the DVD I was satisfied. I just seemed like such a waste, and it doesn’t give you any information saying one way or another.

I guess the fact that it slurps in down in mere minutes vs an hour would be the first indication.

So if you’re installing BF3 on the PC – don’t worry. You do have to be connected to the internet but it won’t actually be downloading the whole thing, it gets it from the DVD. It prompts you for DVD 2 about 58%, and then downloads the patch 472mb after installation.

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  1. same issue here mate, I’ve purchased BF3 Limited Edition (2xDVDs). When I put the first dvd in the origin instalation began and that was it. After I redeemed my code i could actually see BF3 under My Games. I hit download and watched the light on dvdrom, guess what not a single blink, no prompt for second dvd. Just to backed up my findings around 10% I’ve pulled to network cable out and the download paused when i put it back the download resumed.

    This morning when i got to work, I’ve talked to my colleague and he confirmed that he didnt need to download anything. I don’t know what’s going on, I google it but didnt get any answers. I’m thinking going back to retailer and asked them.

    Very frustrating as you have mentioned whats the point of getting physical media for? I ended up downloading the whole thing and wasted 11GB of my quota. I cant imagine downloading it again if i rebuild or purchase new pc, which I am actually planning in near future.

  2. Thanks man. Saved me some headache lol. I was baffled myself. They should do something about this. Very awkward way of installing media from a disc.

  3. @Jesi – yeah it needs the network install, try watching your network meter with CTRL SHIFT ESC then “Network” you’ll see some lines pop up as the data transfers, so as long as you’re not browsing or downloading something else you should see a flat line at 0.

    The trick was starting it from the disk. If you go to Origin and “add game” with the key it will automatically attempt to download. I uninstalled at that point and ran it from the disk again, saw it “downloading” again, freaked, and called support.

    As suspicious as everyone is about Origin and EA pushing an agenda – this was not a way to give them the warm and fuzzys about it. I don’t know about you but I try to get the most from my quota – eek out an extra couple gigs past the limit here and there and I don’t need another 11g added needlessly on top.

    @Ruthik Happy to help – see you out in the field!

    I’m on Origin as SerinnireS since someone ganked my normal handle… probably me with one of my umpteenth different EA IDs over the years.

  4. Thanks serin I was about to start shooting 😛
    It’s a shame when they can’t even be bothered to program the installer to guide people through the process, the way EA have done this is very odd indeed, I hope the game is better.

  5. Man, that was annoying. Even had you click a button that says “download”. Somehow, I actually had it downloading from the internet. I cancelled everything, re-ran the dvd and now it is “downloading” from the DVD.


  6. Just when you insert DVD in your ROM. Try to launch trhu autorun. & then click install. when msg pop’s up with the function ” next “…
    Just hit next, then “download now” it will copy files from DVD.
    But if you will hit Download now in origin, without DVD’s autorun. It will download whole shit from WEB.

  7. Yeah nothing is downloading, move your cursor to the downloading bar and you’ll notice that the speed you’re downloading at is way too high. I think it’s a really good way to avoid counterfit versions.

  8. The same thing happened to me but origin asks me to download 7.69gb is this normal installationsor is it compulsory to download an 11.4gb

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