This is where I should start compiling all the videos and pictures and everything I’ve come accross in the past few days. I purchased The Republican EXTRA, and will certainly note this time. I’d like to have it to show my son when he’s a bit older. “We were right near this, your mother watched it from blocks away as you were safe several towns away – and we all made it through safely but it could have been closer.”

I’m concerned some video might go away, so I plan on slurping it up with Real Player – who knew they’d make a successful flash ripper that could grab 95% of the videos on the internet. So I’ll be archiving it all away here. I’ll hot link it for now but I’ll have the backup copy in case anything disappears in the future.

I’ll also include my accounts, but for now, here are the videos reverse chronologically:

Here’s a satellite image of the tornado path through MA.

Latest from WCVB TV Boston 5 – not embedable but it shows the damage at Springfield College.

HUGE photo gallery of the damage all around Springfield – Bonus slideshow in this case, it’s a lot to click through manually.

Arial photos of damage from Springfield to Monson

Graphic of the tornado path through Massachusetts

Another set of people headed right into the tornado:

Amateur storm chaser video of the middle of the tornado courtesy of Western Massachusetts Storm Chasers on FB

Interactive Map of Massachusetts Tornado History

Footage from Brimfield – they crawled out from the wreckage after taking shelter under the stairs:

First hand video of the tornado crossing rt 91 in Springfield:

Video of the tornado crossing the river from West Springfield, from the WWLP camera on top of the Mass Mutual building:

Tornadoes cause heavy damage in WMass:

Video of the tornado crossing the river and rt 91 in Springfield, from CBS 3 – posted to FB

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