I’m enjoying google music so far. I’ve been using Amazon Cloud in paralell for comparison and Google Music is already better – primarily because they’ve yet to mention a storage limit.

I installed the music uploader and it has both iTunes and WMPlayer integration – which appears to pull from the music library, I’m still not sure if it’s pulling it in my sort order of the playlist in iTunes or alphabetical, or other. The first couple tracks it added were all recently added to iTunes – but then it’s grabbing them seemingly from all over the library.

I am a big fan of the ratings, and those are not present in Google Music (GM) – though the rating does seem to influence GM’s limited thumbs up / null / thumbs down system. My favorite songs were already given a thumbs up. It does keep track of total plays and imports those from iTunes as well – handy if you want to find your favorites (it doesn’t count a skip as a play).

It’s sucked down about 1200 of my 9000 songs so far over about 2 nights of casual web browsing. 17 had drm so it skipped them. A number of others were WAV, not sure if it reads FLAC yet.

I noticed there is no option to rate on the go – only on the web player, though you can add any track to a playlist, new or existing (also imported). Another feature I thought was odd was that you can mark an album for offline availablity (download) but not individual track. Bad news for you “Unknown Album” hoarders out there.

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