So here’s my first real entry since the whole blogger fiasco. I still want to convert everything to wordpress but for the effort I got the old template working with some strange google domain name service redirection magic to subdomains.

That’s probably more then any good security expert would divulge, but I believe I’ve lost many of my readers anyhow at this point.

A lot has happened in the past couple years. It’s going on 2 years since my son was born, and it was a good 9 months before that where we were preoccupied with newfangled life experiences.

It’s strange but the biggest catalyst of late has been my need to reconnect with myself. I’ve let it go for a while, creeping further and further away, trying to ignore what’s happening and continuing to live day to day. Not in a bad way, simply in a functional life process. I go to work, work, then come home. A lot of my interaction has been Facebook and I’m disappointed by the lack of permanentness.

It took a couple small tweaks but it’s displaying some more info – mainly the musical section since I just posted a new item on my soundcloud account – I’ll post more to the sidebar but you can view all my tracks here:

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