>There is still time, they’ve extended the deadline, unfortunately this led to my sister’s business being without email for a half a day. I had sent her an email when renewal for her domain was coming up and she said “oh I’m just going to go with this free one” ok, sure… guess things aren’t going that well, go ahead and use the free site.

Well, when it expired, sure enough I get a call “my email isn’t working”. Huh, yeah, didn’t think of the email aspect “If I told you email was included would that have changed your mind? – Yes” well then… dualy noted. In any case she was kinda upset, it seemed like she thought I had slacked on sending her an email where in my mind I was thinking “ok, I did all this setup for her, and now she doesn’t want it – ok, no problem – she’s got it” I didn’t take into account that she wasn’t considering email. I hadn’t considered email. Domain is domain, if you have domain covered, as is email covered… she didn’t know that, oh well, live and learn.

So besides pissing off my sister I haven’t done much with work. It’s been crazy with the recent projects, and working with the UK which means getting up 4 to 5 hours earlier (given whatever the current daylight savings is set to). So I’ve been burning out sooner then later. I’ts 2pm and I’m off work. Not sure if that’s common knowledge but I started at 4am and otherwise I’m going to explode and/or fall asleep.

I’ve been working quite a bit, but still some time for the child in the evenings. I can’t remember if I’ve named him online yet – might as well not start now if I haven’t. I know the name of my child and if you know me you know his name as well, darn, just gave away that he’s male… or did I? 🙂
In any case it’s been great seeing the baby mature – almost 8 months and counting. I remember our friends reaching 8 months and thinkng wow… we’re not quite there yet, but yeah, we’re here now, and in another couple it’ll be 12. Time was measurable by the seasons in most cases, but now we’ve got a whole human who evolves by leaps and bounds by the day, let alone the month, or the year. Time just keeps on keeping on regardless.

I’m thankful for my child, and really think this will all be so fleeting. Nicole’s already thinking of another one, but at least my retentive self can infuse a little control in holding off for the time being. There is much work, career, and additional planning to be done. If we’re ever to be organized and have a handle on things, 1 is all we can handle from a financial standopint.

I can’t describe the feeling I get when my child looks up at me in adoration and comfort and satisfaction. There is something that comes from within at seeing a human who depends on you, who recognizes you, who appreciates and loves to see you. It’s a beautiful thing and < soapbox > I just hope that all have the opportunity to have a secure enough life to sponsor a new life. I see many a person who is in no position and where I am not one deny them that, at the expense of the child I am willing to deny them that.

There’s just too much badness in the word to bring a fresh child into. If you need a child that badly, it’s a great goal to pull yourself out of said badness first.
< / soapbox >

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