>So I’ve been playing with the links – you may have noticed. They still update automatically, but need to rewrite the scrolling code so it’s imbedded. I’m trying to rewrite anything iframe to javascript and get things to tie in a little better then the current section format.

I’ve realized the blocks don’t really seem to go together but screen size has come a long way since my “throw compatability to the wind” 1024+ super-wide background.

So content still flows here and there but lately it’s all about how to better present it. I’m in need of extending the text area and maybe making the bckground repeat in a such a way that it will adapt to a long scrolling last 10 entires or something.

I have an archive but it’s difficult to keep going back and going back but also don’t want to have the initial page loaded up with over a years worth of entries at a time.

So still figuring things out but you can expect only minor morphing – things will generally stay the same. Besides, Chinese MP3 search engines don’t really care what format my website is in since they just hotlink from their results to said MP3s.

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