I woke early this morning, a cold rainy November day. It wasn’t out of preference, there’s a big change to the phone system at work today. It was still very dark, cold, and I could hear the rain pouring down outside. I didn’t have to go into the office, which is great, a much better way to do work on the Saturday. Besides, making important business decisions in pajamas and disheveled hair always makes me feel good.

I’m scheduled to stop by Bryans to assist with the brew today and hoping we can resolve this issue in enough time to get there somewhat early. I often miss the first stages and really want to practice so I can do it on my own. Nicole always enjoys the social time and I’m pretty sure the guys like her around as well, so Nicole and the baby are coming along as well. They’re actually still in the process of getting up but based on how things are going so far, I don’t expect we’ll be leaving on time.

I realized the other day I hadn’t written anything much about the baby. It’s a completely new experience and I’m probobly set to forget the idiosyncracies soon enough, and certainly before he gets around to asking me what it was like when he was a baby. I’d like to be able to tell him, and even later on, have him see for himself. I started this blog long ago for the purpose of being able to review my own life, and remember things previously forgot, but it has evolved into stories and their lessons learned. One is much more apt to learn from example then by simple advice. I am planning on trusting my child to make the right decisions on his own, and providing him sufficient information to make an educated choice is my goal. There’s quite a few things that could be misconstrued until he’s old enough, it probobly won’t be for a long time. Time to backup the site, now that I think of it 😉

It’s been interesting, and I don’t think I could do it alone. Nicole’s home right now, at least until January, and I’ve been working regularly and even longer lately. Things should level off once the year end projects are wrapped up, it will take some time for things to ramp up for next year. That means I often get home late and exhausted. It’s still great to see him smiling, he just recently started doing that at things he sees. It’s a great feeling to see him excited to see me.

We haven’t been doing too much out on our own but that’s more of a consideration for money rather then baby. We’ve gone out to dinner a few times in fact and he’s been great. He is normally asleep from the ride over so he just sleeps all snug in his bucket. We said we wouldn’t be bucket parents, but the alternative is a screamy baby in public, and in almost all cases we take him out and bundle him in the wrap if we’re going into a store. So it’s taken some getting used to, but it comes naturally. You get the jiggle, you understand the coos, and if all else fails: change, feed, or burp 🙂

Lately at work I’ve been working on phone skilling, routing, and strategy inbetween day to day operations in preparation for today and among all the other things that needed to be done by today, I’ve been very very busy.

It’s not the best time for it, but I took on some extra computer work on top of everything. At the time I set it up I had this on the horizon but was pretty sure we had a good head start on everything. I hadn’t anticipated changing everything at the last minute and spending hours in meetings for managers to mull over simple changes and attempting to make them as complex as possible. All in all the complex changes were too complex to do last minute so they weren’t entered afterall. It may do well to run on a simplified design first “due to technical limitations”. I’m hoping they’ll find it’s actually much simpler then they made it out to be and will work quite well how it was originally designed.

So back to the computer work. There is a guy at work who started his own business a while back. He’s got a generic “computer fixing company” website, ticketing system, and a surprising volume of business. I never went the professional route with my website, pushing traffic, embedding items to maximize my search potential. I had see site, call me. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a lead off it, but don’t really need it, it was more of a reference for someone who met me in person. There’s so much overhead in dealing with customers – questions, time, coordinating, pick up, drop off. It’s hard to charge for questions, and if they’re a customer I have no problem answering questions to maintain loyalty and knowing they’ll go with me, but it always eventually ends up where they go to me for my knowledge and pay someone new to do their computer work. I don’t do a bad job, I’m actually very thorough, which can delay a machine from being returned. I’m not going to replace a blown cpu fan without regreasing it and burning it in with a heavy 3D test for at least 24 hours.

That’s what makes this situation so great – he deals with all the customers, face to face or on the phone. I may update a ticket with a necessary part number here and there but otherwise I’m just receiving, fixing, and returning. None of the headaches that he has to endure. It also helps supplement the income until Nicole heads back to work.

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