So the baby is on the way, 4 days until the due date. The baby’s room is finished, floor sanded, resealed, walls painted, and furnished. Nicole and I both wanted a braided rug as we both have fond memories of racing matchbox cards along the braids. It’s a built in racing track. I remember setting up my blocks in a track shape and using the braids as built in lanes. We settled on a nice braided cloth one from Thorndike Mills in Palmer. I’d say they’re the de facto manufacturer of braided rugs mainly because they are the only ones I’ve ever heard of.

Since the room’s been done I’ve gotten into the habit of looking into the room at night time and the morning, opening the door which has been closed to keep the cats out, just getting used to the image. I can imagine the baby there in the crib, all snuggled and peaceful in a warm loving house. It’s a nice thought, but never thought I’d get to this point.

There’s the usual concerns about how to change them, settle the crying, alleviate the gas bubbles, and hold the baby securely while trying to do things with one hand. I’ve always handled babys well (I think), but I never got all that much face time with any given tiny baby. I’m really looking forward to holding my son or daughter in my arms, looking at them and knowing they are part me.

I’m sure they’ll run into the same issues I did growing up and I hope I can help them through it. Not to say my parents didn’t try but they just didn’t seem to have much of a clue. They were so old by the time they had me, things had been much different when they were children. Generations had gone by since, and their childhood memories didn’t really give me much to work off of. I hope I can provide some insight to help prepare my child for the life that lies ahead.

Nicole and I both agree on the same rearing theories so I’m hoping that we’ll be a good team.

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