The baby is coming in two months (give or take) and I’m feeling a bit… stressed?
I’m excited for the actual situation, but how I’m going to turn everything around in that short of time is a bit daunting.

I have until the beginning of July to finish everything for school. Once class is done and I think I’m in good shape there but the other one I’ve fallen quite a bit farther behind. I’m just starting on a paper that should have been done a week or two ago and I don’t even know where to start.

We’ve got the baby’s room started. It’s primed and painted but needs another coat of paint and then I’ve still got to do the floor. After we pulled up the carpet there was a nice wood floor underneath, but the previous owners went all fuckall with the ceiling popcorn so it’s got to be sanded and refinished and since I was going to rent a sander for the occasion I figured I might as well do the office too while I’m at it, since that floor has certainly seen better days.

On top of all this the bathroom is still being redone downstairs. At least we’ve got the upstairs one so we’re not without during all this, but it’s taken some time. They’re doing good work thus far so I’m not complaining but there are additional concerns and decisions to approve as far as things we need to replace now they’ve got everything apart or the allotments for improvements to the items we’ve budgeted for.

I’m worried I can’t get everything baby-ready in time, and in order to do all these pending items I kind of need to be home but we keep making ourselves busy. VT was last week, and NY this week – Pregnancy: Get it While it Lasts! (The Mom Tour)

I’m currently ready to head to our last birthing class, so once Nicole’s lab is done at school we’ll at least have Wednesdays back to normal. I might not be able to squeeze all the house stuff into a weeknight, but it might help me catch up on my school assignments. It’s a great class, really interesting, but I’m so not getting what they apparently think I should be getting out of this because I read the materials but have NO idea what they’re talking about in the writing assignment that’s based on them. “wait… what do you mean ‘all the different views?’ I can name one… I think”

It all builds on itself so I’m starting to get a little tense. Work has been well, at least. Everything finally settled down, but apparently today was “nothing based on Access will work properly and needs to be fixed” day. There’s a potential good thing coming up in the prospect of a trainee at work. They shuttle college graduates on a “fast path” to management – sending them to various areas a few months at a time to get as broad of a perspective as possible. We’re getting one in my area and I’m going to be the mentor, so it’ll be a little practice and I’ll see how I do. I don’t really want to get into the management side, but I’m thinking that might be the only route that’ll get me any more moolah in this area and I would like to think my background would mean I could recommend and deligate well.

Ultimately I’d like to do full time programming, hopefully it’ll be varied enough to keep me interested. I’d need more official training and if I can ever get to it I’ve got some additional programming classes coming. My development plan – read: list of classes for a degree – is fairly intense and involved so I might not really get to the actual programming classes until later. I know .NET but I’ve only been through official VB6 classes so I’m really looking forward to it for the best practices end of things.

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