>Peapod has taken forever to come to the area… it sucks because I would love to order my groceries online and then have them delivered. The next best thing to that is ordering online and picking them up. Well the time has come for online grocery shopping as Big Y has BigY2Go in Greenfield and Springfield (Walpole too but that’s all Boston-y).

I was able to go through our entire grocery list and order. You can search, or go through by category and choose what you want in your order. The best part was that it not only shows you the sales, but you can sort by unit price so you can see which is the cheapest method of buying each thing. I saw poptarts, an 8 count and a 12 count and I could see the 12 count was quite a beat cheaper per unit.

That may seem obvious, but there are other foods where it’s not so obvious, and even when I’m curious I don’t want to look all over multiple shelves comparing the tomatoes… and what happens when you see that thing you want in an odd part of the grocery store, do you go look for the best deal where it’s home is, or do you just pick it up? That’s what they’re counting on!

Shopping this way allows me to see all the raisins available, and judge whether it’s really worth the 6 cents a unit or 30 cents a package for the better tasting ones. The issue can’t really be made for saving money, however – because if you were really looking to save all this money you wouldn’t be paying them $10 to go grab your list of items off the shelves for you.

$10 for an entire order of groceries (translates to $3 an hour the way I food shop) is well worth it, and I feel quite a reasonable price. So if you live in Springfield or Greenfield MA – give it a shot, it sounds like this could be the feature and I’m loving the potential.

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