>I beat Fallout 3 today – tried it ever which way to survive. Unfortunately the ending comes out almost the same, with a few changes here and there. I did it right the first time and then reloaded and went back to it. I reached level 20 and Max XP well before I got involved in the last battles of the game. All told it was great, story got even better and though it was slightly more linear towards the end I still really enjoyed it.

I just heard the latest on the DLC which is coming out for both the 360 and PC. 3 installments, they’ll be coming out one a month for January – March 2009. The first installment “Battle of Anchorage” lets you play the first battle of the war via simulation, much like “Tranquility Lane”. The second installment “The Pitt” is a morality quest into a slave town in Pittsburg. The third and final DLC is the big one, it lets you use all you’ve gained in the main plot and resumes from where you left off (and lets you advance past level 20).

The first 2 DLCs don’t seem like they’d do much good to me from a character expansion point until the third one is out. I may just wait for the multipack to come out in March as I’m sure they’ll package them in a disc version once they’re all released.

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