>Rockstar apparently wanted their little foot in the online pool. GTA IV for PC may be exclusive to XBOX Live (Windows) but since they have it all centralized via their Rockstar Social Club – it all depends on their servers having the stones to support everyone logging in at once.

I guess they didn’t expect such a rush. I called support:

Wait, you called before?
No... I don't think so.
Yeah, for PS3 - not showing 1080p.
Oh yeah, yeah I did.
So why'd you buy it for the PC too? I had it for PS3, I wasn't going to go buy it for PC too.
Well... I guess the graphics, and really liked the achievements in Fallout 3
Oh, Fallout 3 - brilliant game
Yeah, I love it

Chatter aside, it turned out their server wasn’t prepared.
Rookie mistake, Rockstar.

So if you’re playing GTA IV for PC and you’re getting an error after the copyright screen in GTA (fatal error MMA10), just pull the network cable, start in “offline” mode and boom – you’ll be up and happy in single player.

I guess no one was online making recordings in Multiplayer last night, maybe they’ll have it fixed later today. When I called it was 3am their time in the UK, with expected rollout to their masses in about 5 hours so it doesn’t look good unless they can get some serious stones, real fast.

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