This blizzard will be the death of me, I’m currently attempting to ward off back spasms with muscle relaxers and aleve. I was just getting over it too, and now I’ve done WAY too much shoveling. I am writing to try and keep my mind off the spasms, pain, and absence of breath I’m feeling, so I won’t be hurt if you stop reading here 🙂

It started a week ago Thursday. I hurt my back doing nothing special – I was sitting in my office chair and turned right to grab my laptop out of the case on the ground. I didn’t feel anything right away, but by the end of the day I was feeling it.

I worked Friday from home and then had Monday and Tuesday off to recuperate so I didn’t think much of going to Nicole’s family’s Christmas Party on Sunday. I still hurt, but it wasn’t bad enough to keep me home. By Monday I was feeling good. So good, in fact, that I decided I’d surprise Nicole by putting up the Christmas lights outside. Otherwise the whole day was me resting by watching TV and video games.

Alas, Tuesday was going to be another wash – holed up in bed all day so I finally got an appointment with the Chiropractor. He adjusted, it didn’t feel quite as wonderful as it normally does but I figured it was due to it being out for so many days thus far.

I went to work Wednesday and Thursday with little to no issue and then this damn storm came up on Friday. I shoveled Friday night and though I hurt in the morning I needed to shovel Saturday because our damn snow blower is delayed until Tuesday. We couldn’t find the one we wanted in the stores around here so we went online. Amazon got our hopes up by saying it would be delivered the next day… FedEx tracking brought us back into the reality that we’d be waiting another few days.

No sunflower means shoveling and when it’s coming down about 2 to 4 inches an hour, that means shoveling several times. I did a lot the first time, though still not the whole driveway. I tried to at least keep the area around the cars and the plow deposits at the end of the driveway clear but it… just… kept… coming.

This morning I finished up the picture for our Christmas cards so we’ll be sending those out tomorrow. I beat several stages of both Fallout3 and GTAIV then I watched the whole football game today, an absolute slaughter by NE in the snow. It almost feels like it’s getting worse with me applying heat and not moving much. I’m wondering if I should stretch, I need to move, I’m getting a bit stir crazy.

Our driveway really needs a complete shovel, as does our front steps and sidewalk. I know the neighbors must not think much of me, but I just can’t do any more shoveling. I can’t move, or walk well, and shoveling will just make it worse. I wish the neighbor kids would come over and ask. I kinda thought they would after seeing me shovel. I’m weird with kids & neighbors though, never know what to say, or even what to say when they start the conversation, put the two together and I have no idea how to interact.

I had moved around enough snow previously to be able to get out with the car both earlier today and a little while ago. Nicole and I just went to go pick up the invitations after submitting them online and for food earlier today. It was really bad out there, the Subaru cut right through it, but I did emulate a plow somewhat on my exit and re-entrance.

*Whew* The spasms have finally subsided after a double dose, but along with them goes my thoughting ability. I’m too young for back problems, if this is just the start of it, I hate to see what’s in store for my future. I’m working from home again tomorrow, and not sure about the rest of the week but this is crazy.

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