>I picked up another card to do SLi this weekend. I wanted more, I wanted 2560×1600. I priced out what it would cost me to get a 9800GX2 including the trade-in from EVGA and it was going to be like $350+, so I instead spent $170 for another 8800 GTS – which were getting scarce so I moved on it.

I tested using 3D Mark Vantage (for VISTA) as my existing 3D Mark 2006 is not working in VISTAx64 because it says OpenAL32.dll is not present (which it is).
I’d rather use 3DMark 06 as it’s a more accurate guage given my past configurations were also based in 2006 but with Creative software not installing for some weird error they can’t solve I’m just working with what’s working for me.

In any case, you’ll see the difference with the score of 1 8800GTS vs 2 in SLi
1 x 8800GTS 640mb
Score: 4383
– CPU: 4228
– GPU: 4437

2 x 8800GTS 640mb in SLi
Score: 6642
– CPU: 4275
– GPU: 8145

I might post another score if I try some overclocking. It’s nowhere near the 20,000 score reached by an individual with a QuadCore, 9850GX2, and PhysX card but I figured it out and I’m 118260 out of 155217 total, so that’s a decent standing with a 76%.

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