>It’s been a long time since I needed to download something I couldn’t find on a web page, and I guess that’s why I’ve stayed away from Torrents.

I am digging through my pile of older games now and after trying Gothic 3 again (yes, it did the same stuttering crap – guess it’s not compatible with the 7950GX2) I tried Aliens VS Predator 2.
I had the CD along with the insert that has the serial key. Apparently there is also a disk 2, as I was prompted for it when I got about halfway through the install. I checked the AvP2 box (one of the larger game boxes) and it’s got all my other game manuals in it, but no CDs.

… so I’m not sure where it would be – so I go looking on the internet. I really only need the disk 2 ISO because I have the serial and the first disk, the play disk – so no crack needed and after I get it all installed – fully legit.

If it was easier to call a company and request a disk it might not be necessary… but it’s also instant gratification (almost – I’ve got about 1:30 left)

I came accross this little baby for Torrents – BitComet. I’ve used all sorts of different ones in the past but this has got quite a bit of stuff and I had to bypass minimal junk when I installed it. If you’re in need of a torrenterorer, give it a shot.

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