>The USS NY was christened yesterday and I saw an article on MSN about it that angered me. So matter of factly they state that the bow hull is made from scrap steel that was salvaged from the World Trade Center and what’s emblazoned where. It was the statement about: “Never Forget” – which is “a slogan among New Yorkers” that really flustered me.

Among New Yorkers?!! They were attacking AMERICA, it was an attack on everyone that happened to happen in NY. Now I may be inclined to forgive who wrote this since it’s an AP wire, but I sure as hell hope that the writer of this article is not Amercian or I’d like to remind that (potentially) snooty shit hole what they HAVE forgotten.

Pearl harbor was another catastrophe, but there’s a difference. They were all Military. I’m sure there were some civilians, but this was all Civilians… innocent people not wishing to take part in a jihad.

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