Phone’s dead. Motorola RAZR 1.0 – well, maybe 2.0 since it was exclusive with Cingular for the first year. The battery was getting low all the time, phone was barely lasting through the day, then it lasted 2 hours. Last night it wouldn’t charge, wouldn’t turn on – the lights blink on then turn off again.

My old Sony Ericson is charging at home now. The screen is obscured by scratches and the plastic over the screen is partially broken away… but it’ll work. (I think.) I didn’t really want to give up the Sony, it does much better word guessing and it was more solid and compact. I only got a new one because of the screen, so I’ll make due until I get around to getting a new one. Maybe for Xmas or something.

It’s $150 for a PDA/phone from TMobile. I’d love to splurge, but we can’t, too close to everything right now and far too many material things I need:
#1) Mason to fix the chimney, patch the basement up
#2) Bed from IKEA
#3) Finish Paying for the financed Mattress

and the things I want:
#1) Dishwasher
#2) Picnic Table
#3) Couch to accomidate increased seating for TV potential
#4) TV o Doom

and the distant house improvement items:
#1) paint the house
#2) tile for the bathrooms
#3) sink for downstairs bathroom
#4) driveway anti-sinkage

The TV has fallen from #1 to less then #1 – sad realization. I really hope we get a bunch of money because part of my wedding present from Jeremy is getting a discount on a TV so I’d need to spend otherwise necessary money to save money. The couch may not come first afterall, since technically we have a couch – it would just need to be moved.

Ahh yes, materialism. It comes in spurts, like Ogres.

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