>I'm feeling good.
Yesterday was the real clocks ahead so I'm feeling more alert.
I spent all weekend improving my house and even got things a little together after painting yesterday.
We've got the cats moved in and they're aclimating.
I played in the pouring rain on Sunday, moving the pooling water away from the house and in turn sending all my newly spread grass seed all-over the driveway. I guess all that time playing in the runoff as a child really paid off 😉

I like the paint colors… though for the record Velspar has much better coverage then Bear paint. It was a big help to have everyone helping on the first coat – so thank you to Jay, Becky, and Steve! I promise as soon as we're set up and the place is clean we'll be having people over for a house warming!

There's so much change, but things are finally slowing down. Sure, there's boxes and all sorts of stuff all over – but a home is forming out of everything. It's a great feeling to have a home of my own.

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