I may be jumping the gun, but there are many many files left to scan so I’ve got to do something. One of my SATA HDs crashed, my first 80Gig Western Digital. It appears the HD is technically OK because S.M.A.R.T. wasn’t triggered but I can’t get anything off it.

Normally I just say “oh well” and do without, but this time I really needed to make sure I got all the data off it. My “My Documents” folder happened to be on this particular drive, so there are various cracks, save game files, configuration files, and other bits that I can’t remember that I may be missing out on.

I always see a ton of Data Recovery files, but the last time I actually had to recover data was when my Mac HD went, and that’s an entirely different set of tools.
I purposely scoured Majorgeeks.com for some FREEWARE and I think I just said “uh oh” aloud.

At the bottom of my window which is currently identifying all the files I may potentially have to do without is “Unlicensed Evaluation Copy” – even though it was listed as FreeWare. Oh dear.

Well I’ll let you know how it goes. I may just have to remove the link to this program if it wasn’t free. I was just about to praise them for their wonderful humanitarian effort. .:sigh:.

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